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September 9, 2008

Jeep parts

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We are sourcing a lot of secondhand Jeep parts to try and help keep the costs of running them down. If you are in need of any parts please call us.

We also have new genuine and pattern parts as well of course.

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More 4×4 franchises close!

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Court & Smiths Mitsubishi Franchises at Ripley and Portsmouth have now closed their doors! The recession is starting to bite and the signs are that it isn’t going to get any easier for a while!

We are able to offer servicing and repairs for beleaguered Mitsubishi 4×4 owners in the Surrey area and are able to offer genuine and pattern parts to keep your wagon rolling at affordable prices.

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July 20, 2008

Another Jeep franchise bites the dust!

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Swain & Jones of Farnham have given up the Jeep Franchise. This follows  Stratstones of Weybridge who have also given up Jeep. This leaves a very large area ranging from Horsham to Reading and London to Portsmouth of Jeep owners unsupported. We will step up our campaign to alert the Jeep owners in this area of our existence and continued support of the Jeep range. So if you are one of the many Jeep owners who have been left in the cold, we can offer everything you need to keep your wagon rolling.


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July 6, 2008

Good time to buy a 4×4

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In the current economic climate and people generally being sheep and kowtowing to the Treehugger brigade, the prices for secondhand 4×4’s continue to drop. If you are considering getting into  off-roading, now is a good time to buy your vehicle. With good buys around such as Jeep Cherokees, Old Range Rovers and Discovery’s for £600 upwards, you can get a very capable, comfortable vehicle with all the creature comforts for little money. You will need to budget for some extras, such as tyres and maybe a suspension kit.  Once this stuff has been done you will have a very cheap, capable off-roader that will give you a good start in the 4×4 scene.

Despite the hurtful cost of living in this tax heavy country, the 4×4 sport has a chance of fresh blood getting injected into it due to the non off-roaders dumping their toys.

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April 16, 2008

Department for Transport Frontal Protection Systems regulation changes

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Frontal Protection regulation changes

The powers that be have decided that it is no longer acceptable to have bullbars and the like on the front of your vehicle. This basically means that it is now illegal to fit anything that strengthens the front of your vehicle. (although the regulations are about as clear as mud!)

Whilst this is good news for pedestrians, it does present problems for working/competition/ expedition vehicles. There doesn’t appear to be any mechanism to allow you to appeal for dispensation, if you are for example, a forester, where you require a winch and some frontal protection for working around trees or need a frame to work ladders from.

As ever, it is a well intentioned but badly thought through plan with virtually no consultation with end users. For example some of the military vehicles and up armoured saloons/SUV’s etc will fall foul of the same regulation.

The new regulations came into force on May 25th 2007. They have imposed punitive fines and or a jail sentence for anyone found guilty of breaching the law.

The regulations are open to interpretation and are not clearly defined. However the crux of it appears to be that bullbars are definitely out, unless they are the soft plastic style that have been tested and approved. ARB style bumpers with integral bullbars are out. Winch bumpers and mounts are a grey area. So far I have been unable to get concrete clarification as to whether they are included in this, but the general view appears to be that the winchbumper and winch are considered to be equipment rather than Frontal Protection and as such are not covered by the regulations at this point. However that may all change yet.

The crux of it appears to be that a winchbumper is Ok providing it is mounting a winch and does not include bumperettes, A frames, an integral or bolt on bullbar.

We are now part of a consultation group for the Department for Transport and will endeavour to fight the corner for common sense on these matters and will keep you posted here on progress.

The future does not look good for 4×4’s continuing in the current vein of having loads of goodies strapped all over the front, the legislation is looking to make things safer for other road users and are out to get the vehicles made as safe as possible. Ultimately the regulations that set out the legal requirements for the contact points on the front of vehicles when they encounter a pedestrian will compromise the approach angles with regards to off roading. There are interesting times ahead!

We will continue working on some alternative ideas, including development of product that will work off-road and on and still meet the new requirements. Meanwhile our demountable winch products help with this problem.

I have attached some links to a few sites that will give you an idea of what is going on with regards to the new EEC legislation.