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BF Goodrich Tires

"For the past 130 years, BFGoodrich has been at the heart of the motor car and tyre world... From the first car marketed in the United States, through the invention of the tubeless tyre, the take-offs and landings of the Columbia space shuttle, motor racing, BFGoodrich tyres have led an adventurous life! In addition to very efficient products, BFGoodrich offers that little something which makes it a legendary brand: Driving pleasure, strong sensations or extreme adventures. BFGoodrich is closely linked to the concept of driving pleasure, whether at the wheel of a 4x4 in a thick cloud of dust, or at the controls of a powerful thoroughbred."

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Applications: BF Goodrich offer tyres to suit all conditions: from on-road to rock crawling.

Cooper Tires

"While many leading brand 4WD tyres are made with lighter construction and less tread, Cooper Tires continues to produce strong, deep-tread tyres. The result is Cooper Tires are America's most trusted 4x4 tyre."

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Applications: Cooper Tires offers tyres to suit all conditions: from on-road to rock crawling.


"General Tire has been around for nearly a century and it is still well recognized and known brand. It was found in 1915 and today it is now part of Continental Tire North America, German based company. Over these years of expertise, General Tire has been able to develop the quality, performance and great value that you can always count on. Due to the unique tire features and various sizes, General Tire appeals to broad range of customers."

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Applications: General Tires offers tyres to suit all conditions: from on-road to mud.


"Pirelli Tyre is today the operational holding company for a group involved in the design, development, production and marketing of tyres destined for various types of vehicle: cars, light vehicles and motorcycles (Consumer sector, 70% of revenue), buses, trucks, agricultural and earth moving machinery, and the production and marketing of steelcord (Industrial segment, 30% of revenue). Within this market, Pirelli Tyre focuses in particular on the high-end segments characterised by elevated techno-logical contents and high performance. These are segments in which Pirelli has established itself in positions of leadership with regard to both its car and motorcycle tyres: Pirelli tyres are today seen as synonymous with quality, emotion and ultimate performance."

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Applications: Pirelli Tires offers tyres to suit all conditions: from on-road to mud. We particularly recommend their on-road tyres for performance 4x4's

American Racing

"We have evolved with the changing landscape of the automotive market into a company with over a dozen brands, all developed with the purpose of providing high quality, cutting edge design wheels for the automotive aftermarket. From Hot Rods to Muscle Cars, Tuners to Trucks, Street Strip to Urban Cruising, on the road, off the road or on the track, American Racing Equipment, Inc. has a wheel that meets your needs."

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Applications: American Racing make both steel and alloy wheels to suit most makes of 4x4